Hi Soon-to-Be Graduate (or Alum)!

It's great that you're even on this page because I myself almost forgot to get graduation photos taken when I got my master's degree, and I don't even have any from my college graduation! There are so many personal reasons why you might want to get your photos taken, and I am here to learn about them to make your session extra special.

I love graduation sessions because I get to celebrate your achievements with you and learn about what the future has in store for you! I know it's a pivotal moment in your life, and I want others to actually have photos to look back on, unlike some of us (ahem, me). It is worth documenting!

Graduation Sessions

Starting at $195

During your consultation, I will listen to your needs and vision to provide the best package options for you, whether it be an individual session or a group session. I am here to capture tangible memories celebrating your achievements.

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The Important Questions

When is the best time to take photos?

Hands down March or early to mid-April if you're a May graduate. The end of April and May before graduation day gets hectic (especially at UNC at popular spots like the Old Well, the Seal, and the Bell Tower), and it's nice to get pictures done earlier with plenty of time to get them before graduation. If you're a UNC student who likes flowers, the flowers around the Old Well bloom mid-April, which makes the background extra beautiful.

Be aware that the closer you shoot to graduation weekend (2 weeks or less out), having people in the background is a risk you'll have to take. Sometimes this is avoidable with strategic body placement, but when it's really busy, it is not always possible to get every single person out of the background.

June and July are off-peak months, so you won't have to worry about long lines. The main thing you'll have to worry about is humidity and heat with North Carolina summers, so really it's based off your tolerance for both of those things.

I may be a little biased as I was a December graduate at UNC, but mid to late October is the best, in my opinion, because you get the fall foliage and the weather is nice. September would be my second choice (no fall foliage but you have nice weather), and November third since it starts to get chilly and hard to predict the weather (but sometimes the fall foliage looks nice!).

Should I book an individual or group session?

This depends on your budget and preferences. Group sessions will be cheaper per person, and you get a variety of photos with friends in addition to individual photos. Downside is trying to coordinate a day and time that works for everyone (I know it's a busy time!). An individual session will let the focus be on you only, which is awesome if that's your vibe, and you'll get a lot more solo shots since it's all about you.

Once you book your consultation with me, we can discuss the best option for you if you're still unsure as to which direction you'd like to go.

What should I bring to my graduation session?

At a minimum: comfortable walking shoes, water, snacks, makeup to touch up (if you plan to wear makeup), and of course, your cap and gown. I also encourage you to bring props! My session prep guide outlines everything in more detail to help you prepare for your session.

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