Your photos are a tangible reminder of how you felt that day

When I'm your photographer, those feelings will be one of comfort, confidence, and joy.

I am here to celebrate you

Whether it's celebrating graduating, getting new headshots, taking photos with your partner, or something else, I will be there to guide you through your session where you'll feel comfortable and confident. Those are the same feelings you will feel when you look back on the photos I take of you.

Grab your drink of choice (mine is either a chai tea latte or fruity boba!) and take a look through my website to learn more about me and my work.

Interested in booking me outside of North Carolina? Check out my travel schedule here.

Raleigh photographer

Photo by Emily Davis Studio

The Client Experience

Summer engagement photos at Fred Fletcher Park in Raleigh, NC

I. Inquire + COnsult

Once you inquire, we will meet over Google Meet (or chat over email) to see if we're a good fit! I will listen to your needs and guide you through my packages to see which one best suits your vision. It is my highest priority to ensure you feel comfortable working with me.

II. Book the date

If you feel like we're a good fit, then we'll get the booking process started by picking a day and time! Once that's decided, I'll send over a booking proposal. We'll get you officially on the books, and I'll share my Client Experience Guide with you!

III. Take the Photos

We've finally made it to photoshoot day! You'll feel prepared going into your session because my Client Experience Guide will have provided all the information you need. Together we'll make your vision come to life.

IV. Gallery delivery

You'll get your photos delivered 3-4 weeks after your session through an online gallery, where you can also purchase all sorts of print products from a professional print lab vetted by me.


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