UNC at Chapel Hill | Olivia

Locations: Old Well, Bell Tower

Do you ever feel like you connect with someone before you've even talked to them? That's how I felt with Olivia. Her responses in her inquiry made me feel like I knew her, and during our consultation call she was the sweetest! I love those kind of calls because I just KNOW the session will be so fun (and I was not wrong).

By chance, her mom was in town the same weekend as her graduation session, so she got to hang out with us! I always love when someone important to my client is able to be there as a cheerleader for them. Not only that, but she got Olivia the blue heels in the photos. How perfect were they for a UNC grad photoshoot?! Olivia also wore sentimental jewelry. It's those small details that really add to a photoshoot.

Olivia really wanted the fall foliage in her photos, and we definitely lucked out with the timing (although we probably would've rescheduled if it wasn't quite there :)). The really nice part about a fall photoshoot on campus is that it's not busy at all compared to the spring (as much as I love those sessions too!). The only other people wanting to take photos are usually passerby or maybe another student doing a grad session.

Olivia was in the business school, but since it's pretty far from the rest of main campus, we stuck to the Old Well and the Bell Tower for her photoshoot spots (you really can't go wrong with these popular spots!). Keep scrolling to see some of my favorite photos from her session.