UNC CHapel HIll | Andrea

Locations: Old Well, Coker Arboretum, Wilson Library, Bell Tower

Andrea showed up to her session at UNC with the cutest outfits and props. She had her graduation cap that she decorated herself, a champagne bottle, a balloon bouquet, and a bouquet of flowers. I recently asked her where she got her flowers, and she told me her boyfriend put it together for her! How sweet is that?

We started at the Old Well and made a pit stop at Coker Arboretum before heading down to Wilson Library and the Bell Tower. It was a HOT summer day (end of June, so you can imagine what it was like with your typical North Carolina weather), and she was an absolutely trooper. It isn't obvious with her hair and makeup that it was so humid out, which goes to show how good she was at styling both for this fun shoot. The trade-off with it being a hot summer day meant we didn't have the usual lines during peak graduation session, which meant we could take our time at each location.

Andrea's graduation session is a great example of why I love it when clients bring props to their session - it gives you so much variety in your photos! Keep scrolling to view some of my favorite photos from her session on campus.