Last updated: March 9, 2024

It's gallery delivery day!

Or maybe you're just seeing what's on the blog. I'll help guide you through accessing and downloading your photos.

Your gallery

I use Pic-Time to deliver your photos online where you'll get to see your photos in a beautiful gallery layout! You might think, "how hard can it be to download photos?" but I promise this is worth the read with tips and tricks!

As a Main Client, here's what you can do in your gallery:

  • Download high-resolution photos
  • Download web-size photos (good if the high-resolution files are too large to be uploaded somewhere)
  • Hide photos
  • Favorite photos (this makes it super easy to quickly download and/or share your absolute favorites!)
  • Share photos through social media or email
  • Order print products through a professional, high quality printer

Accessing your gallery

You'll get an email from me when your photos are ready, and the button in the email will take you right to your gallery. If this is your first time using Pic-Time (you may have used it in the past if another photographer sent you photos through it), you'll be prompted to create a password. Once you do, you'll be brought to your gallery!

Navigating your gallery

Scroll down to start seeing your photos. At the top you can see the different sections (scenes) of your gallery. These are usually split by location or outfit.

Downloading your photos

Do not screenshot your photos, and make sure you do this right away! The best way to preserve the quality of your photos is to download them onto your computer. Look for the arrow facing down icon in the upper right and click on that to see your download options. Select Download Full Gallery - High Res then Download to Computer. A link to a zip file will show up underneath. Click on the zip file link to download it to your computer. Most of the time it will save to your Downloads folder by default, but if you need help unzipping the file, start at 0:45 in this video:

With Multiple Selection you can:

  • Download your Favorites
  • Download a particular scene
  • See what photos were shared when

If you are on your phone, scroll down until you see your photos and look in the upper left for three lines. Click on that and then Download Full Gallery. Then click on Download Full Gallery - High Res and follow the prompts. If you need help unzipping the files (it's a little tricky on mobile), watch these videos:

If you ever want to download multiple specific photos at once, go to Select and follow the prompts.

If you're not seeing your photos appear right in your photos on your phone, check your Most Recents or go to the date of your session!

Viewing your gallery

When you hover over a photo, you can see a few options (on mobile you'll have to click on the photo to see those same options):

  • Hide photo (this means guests won't see it in your gallery)
  • Favorite
  • Share photo via email
  • Share photo via social media
  • Download
  • Buy it as a print product

Sharing your gallery

To share the gallery with guests, you can use the link at the bottom of your email or go to the Share button (the arrow) at the top. Guests can see all photos except hidden ones, and they can download web-size versions of your photos (good for social media).

Printing your photos

The great thing about your gallery is that you can order prints through it! When you click on Shop, you'll see all available print products. They'll even show you what they'll look like with your photos in them. How cool is that?!

There is no pressure to order from me, but I have personally vetted the print labs associated with the shop. You have personal printing rights and can order wherever you want! I promise skin tones and colors will look high quality and accurate when you order through a professional lab.

I hope you found this post helpful! If you have any questions, just send me an email!